Professional Mentoring and Coaching

The most effective tool you have to ensure your business has the best foundation is mentoring and coaching from leading experts in your field. At Petabiz, we provide the mentorship and coaching services you need to have the best shot at success.

Our mentorship programmes are designed to professionally guide entrepreneurs of any age, in any industry, at any point in their career or business ladder.


Petabiz has been working with budding entrepreneurs to provide the best training and mentoring services to help them set up their businesses. We believe that everyone develops differently based on their own unique traits.


With us, aspiring entrepreneurs are mentored, bootstrapped and can start and build a sustainable business venture. 


Our mentees are equipped with the right mindset and tools to succeed as entrepreneurs. They have the right attitude and willingness to learn from us, and the more they absorb new ideas, the more they become empowered.


We understand the challenges of an entrepreneur and offer a unique opportunity for business success. Our mentoring approach is different from others.


We provide customised mentoring for entrepreneurs based on their needs – from technical to funding qualification requirements. We are with you every step of the way to help you achieve your goals.

Development Happens When…

Personal Growth and Development occur when we discover something new or we rediscover something simple and elemental that we had forgotten.


As strengths coaches, at Petabiz, we help our clients explore their natural selves so they can intentionally tap into their talents and find ways to build on their areas of greatest potential.


Focused attention creates openings for understanding ourselves, our situations, and the way forward.


The more people consciously think about their talents, the more they will notice how their talents contribute to their success. And the more they notice this connection, the more they will be of their potential for even more success.

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