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About Petabiz

Petabiz Nigeria Limited is a human capacity development company interfacing with a globally distinguished Data Research EnterpriseGALLUP whose prime mission is solving the world’s challenging problems of human capital development. Petabiz’s business focus is geared towards the accomplishment of Performance, Productivity and Profitability.

Mentoring & Coaching

We coach and mentor budding entrepreneurs to help them have the best shot at business success. 
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Youth Empowerment

Helping young people discover and maximise their natural abilities for creative expression and global competitiveness. .
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How We Work?

Our Service Delivery Strategy

Selection of Participants

We deploy our selection tools that measure the entrepreneurial talent traits of individuals and their readiness to translate learnings into meaningful outcomes. Our well-acclaimed BP10 (Builder Profile Assessment) remains a great resource.


Onboarding of Participants

Participants are taken through a mandatory 2 days of self-awareness where their talents will be known and harnessed for peak performance in the programme and life endeavours. These will boost their confidence and set them up for excellence in life.


Mentorship & Coaching

One-on-one mentorship and coaching sessions for participants to equip them with the fundamentals of starting and running successful and sustainable business ventures. They are also provided with roadmaps and guides on business partnerships.


Monitoring & Evaluation

We undertake curriculum assessment of skills centre to ensure they are in consonance with demands in the gap market. We also monitor the performance and attendance of participants and carry out a comprehensive review of the programme impact periodically.

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“Get the Best Out of Your People to Get the Best Out of Your Business”

Petabiz’s heartbeat is how to maximise the discovery and development of entrepreneurial traits in youths toward creating Economic Energy and Sustainable Employment opportunities.

Testimonials of Some of Our Mentees

The programme was very rewarding, both in terms of the training and mentorship sessions, it has been enlightening and eye-opening. The strength discovery session has helped me to channel my areas of strength in the right direction to a large extent. I am grateful for being part of the skills development programme. 


I was a bit sceptical about the programme. I didn’t think it would be beneficial to me, but I decided to give it a shot. I have to say that the programme was a great experience for me.

Taiwo Adebodun

I like how the programme has made me realise my strength through the strength discovery sessions which have helped channel my path on how best to apply my strengths when faced with tasks and not to look at my weakness.

John Adegboye

The training and mentorship programme has enabled me to know how to draft a constructive business plan and build a good customer relationship. The strength discovery session was practical and has helped in perfecting my skill in solar installation.

Babatunde Ajanaku

Coaches & Mentors

Our Team Leads

James Ladipo
Augustina Kwao-Sarbah
Antione Carriere
Wilson Samson


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