CliftonStrengths® Assessment

CliftonStrengths® is an online assessment tool designed to identify and leverage individuals’ unique strengths. It helps individuals and teams gain insights into their natural talents, fostering personal and professional growth. The Petabiz Nigeria faculty comprises Gallup Strengths-Certified coaches.

e2grow Digital Platform

E2grow is enhances organizational productivity through streamlined communication, collaboration, and task management. Its user-friendly features and advanced tools empower organizations to achieve efficiency and success in today’s dynamic business landscape. The Petabiz Nigeria team are e2Grow-Certified.

Some of Our Recent Sessions

Be Our Next Transformed Workplace of the Future 

1The First Triple Gallup Coach in Nigeria
15kHours Developing Talents & Leaders
5kCliftonStrengths® Assessments Administered
75Workplace Training Given in West Africa

Our Lead Coaches

James Ladipo

James Kola Ladipo

James Kola Ladipo, the CEO of Petabiz Nigeria, is the first Triple Gallup Qualified Coach in Nigeria. With over 20 years of business expertise, he holds certifications as a Gallup Certified Strength Coach, Gallup Train-the-Trainer Coach, and Gallup Certified BP10 Coach. sectors.

Antoine Carriere

Antoine Carriere


Antoine Carriere, a Triple Qualified Gallup Strength Coach/Trainer, focuses on strengths-based development, leadership, engagement, and personal growth. Antoine specializes in the pre-launch phase of the entrepreneurial cycle.

Haywood Sarbah Solutions

Augustina Kwao-Sarbah

Augustina Kwao-Sarbah, a Gallup Certified Strengths Coach, brings over 15 years of experience in banking and academia. She holds certifications as a CliftonStrengths Trainer, HR Practitioner, and Neuro-Linguistic Programming Coach.

Strengths-based training & coaching drive exceptional workplace performance: 23% more engaged staff, 7% increase in customer loyalty, and 29% boost in profits.