James Ladipo
James Ladipo

About Petabiz Nigeria Limited

Petabiz Nigeria Limited is a human capacity development company interfacing with a globally distinguished Data Research Enterprise - GALLUP and e2GROW whose prime mission is solving the world’s challenging problems of human capital development.

Petabiz focus is geared towards the accomplishment of Performance, Productivity and Profitability. We guide organisations in creating Strength-Based Culture. We also guide corporate organisations in creating a Culture where engagement is emphasized as participants leverage on linking their talent to competencies.

  • OUR MISSIONTo guide and empower people to discover and develop their natural talent to accomplish excellence in their life endeavours.
  • OUR VISIONWe aspire to be a foremost human capital ‘Strength Champion’ in west Africa unleashing Excellence to the Development of Individuals, Teams, Organisations, Startups and Business Owners in line with current realties of the global market-place.
  • OUR VALUESOur Values reflect who we are and what we stand for as a company. They are:
  • Communication
  • Engagement
  • Authenticity
  • Performance
  • Productivity
  • Excellence

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Our Lead Coaches

James Ladipo

James Kola Ladipo


James Kola Ladipo, the CEO of Petabiz Nigeria, is the first Triple Gallup Qualified Coach in Nigeria. With over 20 years of business expertise, he holds certifications as a Gallup Certified Strength Coach, Gallup Train-the-Trainer Coach, and Gallup Certified BP10 Coach. sectors.


Holding a B.Sc in Business Administration and a Master's in Banking & Finance from the University of Lagos, James is a Fellow of the Institute of Chartered Accountants of Nigeria (ICAN) and the Chartered Institute of Taxation of Nigeria (CITN). With over 28 years of experience, he is a National Certified and Licensed Business Development Service Provider (BDSP) in diverse sectors.

Antoine Carriere

Antoine Carriere

Antoine Carriere, a Triple Qualified Gallup Strength Coach/Trainer, focuses on strengths-based development, leadership, engagement, and personal growth. Antoine specializes in the pre-launch phase of the entrepreneurial cycle.


Antoine has successfully led all aspects of business and supports micro-entrepreneurs in stabilizing, growing, and expanding their businesses. Antoine organizes workshops, programs, and consultations, emphasizing strengths-based development.


Over the past decade, James played a pivotal role in delivering client satisfaction by optimizing people, processes, and performance in the workplace across public and private sectors. As the first triple Gallup qualified coach in Nigeria, he is certified as a Gallup BP10 coach, Gallup-certified coach, Gallup Train-the-Trainer coach, E2Grow Coach, and a member of the International Coach Federation (ICF).

 Specializing in Hospitality, Agriculture, Oil and Gas, Technology, Creative Trade, and Infrastructure projects, James offers SMEs services such as Finance Sourcing, Financial Management, Accounting and Tax Management Systems setup, Human Capacity Development, Business Coaching, Mentoring, Advisory, Training, and Consultancies in Talent Management, Employee Engagement, Managers Development, and Organizational Culture.

 Passionate about guiding entrepreneurs to build successful and sustainable businesses, James, as a Gallup Certified Strength Coach, focuses on implementing a strength-based culture in the workplace. A keynote speaker, he actively organizes seminars, workshops, and training tailored to meet clients’ specific needs and environments.


Haywood Sarbah Solutions

Augustina Kwao-Sarbah


Augustina Kwao-Sarbah, a Gallup Certified Strengths Coach, brings over 15 years of experience in banking and academia. She holds certifications as a CliftonStrengths Trainer, HR Practitioner, and Neuro-Linguistic Programming Coach.

Augustina specializes in Performance Management, Talent Management, Professional Coaching, Organizational Design, Project Management, Training and Development, Recruitment, and Strategic Business Partnering. She guides organizations in implementing a strength-based culture, offering tailored seminars, workshops, and training.


She introduced Career Management Forums to guide employees in their career journey. Additionally, she organized several self-awareness sessions for employees in all the companies she worked for, emphasizing that the only way for success is to lead from your area of strengths. As a Gallup Certified Strength Coach specializing in the implementation of strengths-based culture in the workplace and educational institutions, Augustina provides various performance coaching solutions and organizes seminars, workshops, and training tailored to clients’ needs and environments. Recently, she has organized Talent/Strengths Training/seminars for various teams within institutions such as Legon Graduate Business School, Barclays Bank, The Construction Bank, and the Commonwealth Executive MBA students, all in Ghana.