About Petabiz Nigeria

Petabiz Nigeria Limited is a human capacity development company interfacing with a globally distinguished Data Research Enterprise – GALLUP whose prime mission is solving the world’s challenging problems of human capital development.


Petabiz’s business focus is geared towards the accomplishment of Performance, Productivity and Profitability.


Forward-looking nations focus on generating Economic Energy that will grow the GDP (Gross Domestic Product) by stimulating Job Creation and Job Retention. They do these by emphasising the need for ‘Builders’.


We partner with clients to discover ‘Builders traits’, Develop the ‘Builders Capacity’ and Provide Guidance on “How to translate it into measurable outcomes. These represent Developmental solutions for employability of Human Resources on one hand and Capacity Resources on the other.




We strive to make budding local entrepreneurs and enterprises globally competitive

There is a great war that is looming in the world. It will not be about guns and ammunition. Nations that will win the war are the ones that are able to create jobs.


Petabiz’s heartbeat is how to maximise the discovery and development of entrepreneurial traits in youths toward creating   Economic energy and sustainable employment opportunities. 


Petabiz was set up to provide a proven system of business empowerment and growth via the training of youth to accurately identify their innate business potentials and empowering them to maximise opportunities for life and entrepreneurial success.


Petabiz is a business consultancy firm with a team of experienced Gallup-trained professionals who provide business owners with solutions that drive success. 


Our expertise includes business coaching, personal development, and youth empowerment. Our consulting and training programmes are structured to deliver sustainable growth for individuals and organisations by focusing on practical results-oriented learning and transferring of knowledge. Our mission is to enable SMEs to grow through practical solutions that make good use of the available resources.


With a wide range of business development services, we bridge the gap between SMEs and large corporations, and in doing so, we strive to make local enterprises globally competitive. Petabiz offers a real effort aimed at transforming the landscape of SME management in Nigeria. 

Our Mission

To guide and empower people to discover and develop their natural talent to accomplish excellence in their life endeavours.

Our Vision

To be a foremost human capital ‘Strength Champion’ in West Africa unleashing Excellence to the Development of Individuals, Start-ups, Business Owners and SMEs in line with the current realities of the global marketplace.

Our Values

Communication. •Engagement. •Authenticity. •Performance. •Productivity. •Excellence

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