High-Performing Teams (HPT)

HPT is a structured, data-driven program that helps teams develop new behaviors that improve their cohesiveness and effectiveness. The program is evidence-based and includes group training, personalized one-on-one coaching, and online micro-learnings that help teams and organizations identify obstacles, optimize collaboration, and continuously progress toward their vision and  reaching their full potential. 

Why HPT?

High-Performing Teams sessions offers a thoroughly tested, scientifically based approach that delivers measurable impact. The HPT program focuses on tangible, lasting results that enhance team dynamics and overall organizational performance.Unlike many others, HPT isn’t just another solution about promoting psychological safety, productivity, or better teamwork—it’s about stimulating transformative behavioral change within teams. It’s a proven method grounded in research and CliftonStrengths®, producing measurable impact.

Tailored for Teams

Sometimes big changes start with small steps. HPT focuses on well-spaced multi-week implementation processes for teams, condensing impactful group trainings, personalized coaching, and online micro-learnings into a compact format. This means less time spent in live workshops, reducing costs for organizations. The streamlined nature ensures that the program remains accessible to all employees, not just management, without compromising the quality of the experience.


High-Performing Teams (HPT)


Using the AIM, REFLECT, HIGH5, COFFEESYNC, & PROGRESS methodology  for team behavioral change and cohesiveness, HPT extends beyond singular interactions. We prioritize lasting transformation over fleeting “aha” moments, providing your teams with tools and strategies that stand the test of time. HPT’s sustainability ensures that the positive changes initiated within your teams become ingrained aspects of your organizational culture. 


Standardized in content and fully repeatable, HPT is inherently scalable. Whether you have one team or multiple teams across your organization, our program adapts seamlessly. The e2grow platform facilitates transparent project management, making it easy to disseminate the program across various teams. This ensures a consistent, high-quality experience for every team and allows the entire organization to share a common language and behavioral framework across the entire workforce. With HPT, scalability becomes a powerful tool for widespread organizational enhancement.

People are not robots. They are humans with emotions. The way they feel determine the way they behave. The way they behave determines the way they perform. Therefore, Performance is significantly determined by People Skills

Strengths-based training & coaching drive exceptional workplace performance: 23% more engaged staff, 7% increase in customer loyalty, and 29% boost in profits.