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Since 2010, we have successfully consulted and trained over 5,000 SMEs and individuals across different niches and industries in Nigeria. 

We offer a customised business growth consulting service to Nigeria’s SMEs and MSMEs based on their business needs and ambitions.

As a result of our strategic and scientific-based business coaching, we help clients cut their workload, increase productivity and drive profitability. We use a set of proven Gallup tools, systems and processes that facilitates the identification of key business insights to accomplish this goal.

Applying an action-oriented execution business plan based on the Gallup-certified SME coaching system, we provide people and businesses with the confidence and focus to meet their goals.

Our business growth coaching approach focuses on improving productivity based on personal KPI’s, leadership matrices, and job descriptions. Business owners and management teams gain a better quality of life when they work on mindset and work-life balance targets. 

You will find a number of great reviews/testimonials from our current and former mentees.

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