Youth Empowerment & Skills Development

Our Youth Empowerment and Skills Development initiatives are aligned with our strategic goal as a business to contribute to the empowerment and skills development of over 10,000 youth in Nigeria, in partnership with public and private organisations, within the next decade. 


Our youth development and skills training programme give young people a chance to use their natural abilities for creative expression and innovative ideas towards local, as well as global challenges. The purpose of the programme is to promote capacity building, sustainable development among the youths and a vibrant environment that fosters opportunities, empowerment and self-sustainability.


We do this by organising and training qualified youths every year, across the country, with our partners in relevant government ministries, NGOs, international humanitarian agencies, and major business organisations – as part of their CSR initiatives.


SMEs are the engine of growth for the Nigerian economy. But given its scale, small firms have traditionally been crowded out by large businesses and funding limitations.


Today, there are many young people with great potential in Nigeria struggling to find the necessary resources for life empowerment and success.


But they are often faced with little or no support to start a business and a lack of access to systems that can empower people to build successful businesses.


This suggests there is a gap in the market for youth empowerment and entrepreneurship training. 


At Petabiz, we aim to bridge his gap with our scientifically proven and highly successful approach to business incubation and sustainable profits. 

We Help Youths Build Profitable & Sustainable Businesses 

Continuous improvement principles help SMEs achieve more with less by identifying where they can improve performance.


However, maintaining high levels of performance in a continually stretched SME management team can confound and frustrate even the most agile business owner.


We know because we’ve been there.


We help local business owners with the mentorship tools and resources they need to improve their sales, marketing and finance departments to grow their businesses.


Our unique approach helps you identify your priorities, by focusing on the development of a number of key areas that are critical to business success, including budgeting and forecasting, planning, team performance management and business continuity management.

The Petabiz Business Performance Consulting team has the proven experience working with budding young entrepreneurs and SME’s to deliver real results.

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